10/22 Precision Rematch

KIDD 10/22 in Archangel stock, Ruger 10/22 with Feddersen barrel in Vantage stock

These are both Ruger 10/22 style semi-automatic rifles built for shooting .22LR with maximum accuracy. On top is an $860 rifle built entirely by KIDD Innovative Design. The receiver and trigger are milled from aluminum, and the bolt from hardened steel. The single-stage trigger is also a crisply machined assembly that adjusts down to a pull of just 1.5 pounds. The lightweight barrel is guaranteed to group inside of half an inch at 50 yards. The gun here is screwed into a comfortable $100 ProMag Archangel Target stock

Do you have to spend $1000 to get an accurate .22 rifle? Expert barrel maker Fred Feddersen says one of his $170 barrels will turn an off-the-rack Ruger into a gun that can compete with any custom autoloader. So the second gun shown is a standard Ruger 10/22 receiver and bolt onto which I swapped Feddersen’s barrel. Of course I don’t think I can really shoot that well with a standard trigger, so to be fair I bought another $200 KIDD trigger assembly for it. The gun is shown here screwed into a beautiful $175 Tactical Solutions Vantage laminated stock.

I tested these for precision last year. This time, with a few more ammo types, I also tested all ammo both with and without a suppressor.


Both guns were cleaned and then shot through the following sequence of 40gr subsonic target loads:

  1. 30 rounds SK Plus
  2. 25 rounds SK Match
  3. 15 rounds Eley Match
  4. 40 rounds CCI SV
  5. 40 rounds Aguila SuperExtra

All rounds were fed from the same transparent Ruger 10-round box magazine. This time the KIDD ran with no hiccups whatsoever. The Feddersen-barreled Ruger, shot second, had one failure to feed with the CCI and one with the Aguila.

The raw data and calculations can be downloaded here. The targets are shown at the end of this post. Summary analysis:

Precision of KIDD vs Feddersen rifles on different ammunition

The precision is roughly in line with that measured last year, with a few notable exceptions:

  • The Feddersen choked on this lot of SK Plus. However that was the largely driven by the first group. Since the test was started from a cold, unfouled barrel, that should probably be discounted. Update: Subsequent testing confirms that with proper fouling the Feddersen performs as well as the KIDD on SK+, and in fact shoots SK+ as well as SK Match.
  • The suppressor always caused point of impact to drop about 1″ at 50 yards. However it did not significantly affect precision with the Feddersen. It significantly improved precision with the KIDD (with 90% confidence).
Feddersen targets
KIDD targets

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