How to Shoot

Shooting is a deceptively simple subject. To safely and accurately shoot a gun all you have to do is:

  1. Don’t break the rules of gun safety
  2. Align the sights with your target
  3. Pull the trigger

If you can do all three steps very quickly and/or precisely you’re a world-class shooter.

I’ve instructed many people in shooting and it’s uncanny to see the same mistakes and bad instincts appear almost universally, whether the shooter has a little experience or has never handled a firearm.

So, to shoot well you only have to do a few simple things. But you will instinctively do a lot of things you should not. Thus, learning to shoot is largely about removing and avoiding bad habits until all that’s left is the precise application of sight alignment and trigger manipulation.

Before learning to shoot you must familiarize yourself with firearm safety.

Then you can delve into the nuances of building and refining your shooting technique.

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