Savage .223 Precision

Savage 10FP in .223 Remington with Nikon Buckmaster 4.5-14x40 scope

Continuing precision testing my guns I took my old Savage 10FP to the range with boxes of six different commercially-available .223 Remington rounds. The rifle has a 24-inch 1:9 heavy barrel installed in a Choate Ultimate Varmint Stock, which makes it a superb bench gun. I mounted the 14x Nikon scope before I had found good Quick-Detach mounts, and before I had concluded 20x is my preferred minimum for precision shooting. But it’s still fine for setting a baseline with commercial ammo:

Load Avg Muzzle
CEP (MOA) 90% Confidence
Black Hills 75gr Match 2620fps 0.23 (0.19, 0.36)
Georgia Arms 69gr Match 2705fps 0.30 (0.24, 0.46)
Wolf Gold 75gr Match 2600fps 0.59 (0.49, 0.87)
American Eagle 55gr 3170fps 0.63 (0.53, 0.93)
Silver Bear 62gr 3000fps 0.80 (0.67, 1.17)
Wolf Classic 55gr 3120fps 0.84 (0.71, 1.25)

The 100-yard target can be reviewed here.

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