RAT WORX Hybrid Trigger Mod: The Best AUG Trigger

The RAT WORX HTM “Hybrid Trigger Mod” is a drop-in replacement for AUG and MSAR trigger packs. At $230 (and with an ongoing waiting list) it is the most expensive AUG trigger “fix” I have seen, but it is also by far the best. If you shoot your AUG you should get this trigger pack.

RAT WORX made the clever design decision to build this upgrade around a standard AR-15 trigger group, which they suggest will allow users to tap the extensive market for AR-15 parts to further customize it. I just put it right in my MSAR and took it for testing.

AUG and HTM Trigger Packs

Trigger weight measured a very consistent 6 pounds. Nominally that doesn’t sound any better than what I found with the Trigger Tamer. But practically there is no comparison: the HTM’s all-metal linkage from the trigger bar through to the sear and hammer eliminates sticking and stacking I couldn’t polish or lubricate out of any previous trigger systems. With this trigger I finally feel confident shooting my MSAR against standard AR-15s. With a 4x optic my test group was able to consistently ring a 200-yard steel silhouette shooting at rates up to 5 rounds per second.

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