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Environmental Impact?

This Dyson vacuum comes in 3 pounds of packaging. This includes more than a dozen separate elaborately cut-and-folded pieces of corrugated cardboard. (The cutouts mean that the amount of cardboard that was consumed in producing the packaging was even greater.)

Dyson V8 packaging: 3 pounds of cardboard

The packaging also includes the following note (on that black paper in the middle):

To reduce our environmental impact, we’ve moved your full manual online.

I weighed the full printed manuals that came with two other vacuums, and each was just half an ounce. That’s 1% of the weight of the packaging here. From the picture here, does it look like Dyson has gotten the packing cardboard to within 1% of the minimum needed to protect the product during shipment?

I’m beginning to suspect that this “environmental impact” business is a pretext for something else….