Hey Verizon, What century is it?

Among the many telecom services I use is Verizon FIOS. I was checking rates today and discovered that unless a Verizon landline customer purchases an international calling plan they will pay $3.41/minute on any international calls!

Is gouging the unsuspecting, uninformed, or desperate consumer really a good business practice for a large, regulated, or brand-name franchise?

1 thought on “Hey Verizon, What century is it?

  1. 11BravoCibVet

    Par for the course and sadly business as usual in America today. More disturbing to me however is that the CEO of Verizon is an executive member of The Council on Foreign Reations, which is an anti sovereignty organization dedicated to implementation of the globalist police state, and the destruction of our nation as a prerequisite . In my opinion such traitors should be doused with gasoline,set alight, and hung! Ahh yes but now the time for such is now allmost upon us isnt it? Gods speed to the second American Revolution to restore the Republic and our Constitution! Best to fellow patriots, A. Veteran


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