CLEAR internet — Best small-office internet access alternative

I recently setup a new small office. Because it was a lease in a commercial building the usual ISPs — Comcast and Verizon — would only offer us over-priced, overburdened “business” internet services.

Fortunately I had just come across a new ISP: CLEAR, which provides unlimited broadband using 4G wireless. For $50/month we use their portable wireless access point to serve up to 8 devices at 4G speeds. No contracts, no usage limits, no hassles. It has been working without any hiccups for two months now.

For routine business use I would definitely recommend this over the wired alternatives. Comcast and Verizon Business: You’re on notice!

1 thought on “CLEAR internet — Best small-office internet access alternative

  1. DayTrader

    I actually have had a very good experience with Clear so far. I run a small trading operation where I do not need fiber or an OC-192, I just need reliable connectivity with decent bandwidth. I am in a secured brick building and I have not had an issue with drops or having to reset the modem yet. Hopefully they will improve on their technology in the future and that will trickle down their users.



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