Steal This Gun Design!

This is a photo of the Kel-Tec KSG: A brilliant bullpup pump-action shotgun with dual selectable magazines and capacity for 14 rounds. It was just announced in January 2011. Because it’s a bullpup it will be easier to handle than any conventional shotgun. The parallel magazine tubes make a “switch-to-slug” operation as easy as flicking the magazine selector. Everybody who wants a pump-action 12-gauge and can afford it will buy at least one of these.

I hope a company with more manufacturing capacity copies this design. Kel-Tec produces several ingenious guns but they have never been able to meet demand. I know dealers who have been on waiting lists for guns like the Sub2000 and RFB for years. Demand for the KSG will certainly be orders of magnitude greater than anything they have yet produced. Freedom Group, please steal this design!

[March Update: Never mind! UTAS has announced they will begin domestic production this year of the UTS-15, a bullpup shotgun very similar to the KSG. Advantages over the KSG apparently include locating the magazine tubes above the barrel (for better recoil control), round-count indicators, and the ability to automatically alternate tubes with each shot (to keep it balanced). A disadvantage appears to be that it ejects sideways. The South African NEOSTEAD is another similar bullpup pump-action shotgun, and the only thing keeping it out of the U.S. is the silly BATFE restriction on importing shotguns that are not sufficiently suited to “sporting purposes.”]

1 thought on “Steal This Gun Design!

  1. Chad Dutra

    I love the concept! good luck getting your hands on one, Ive been on the waiting list for the PMR 30 for well over a year and im still waiting. I will add this product to my wishlist with Kel Tec and my distributors…


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