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nail Yale Townhall.com2006
military firearms license Army Times1 April 2002
military firearms license Air Force Times25 March 2002
airport security screening Washington Times6 January 2002
air warriors at risk Armed Forces Journal InternationalApril 2000
unmanned airpower revolution Aerospace Power Chronicles
... also in Airman-Scholar
Spring 2000
evolution of the war machine Army Times31 January 2000
volunteer combat force Hartford Courant19 April 1999
who needs fashion? Yale Herald4 March 1999
lux et nine-millimeter Yale Herald19 February 1999
age of irrationality Yale Herald22 January 1999
war is hell Seattle Post Intelligencer20 June 1998
pass on the penny Des Moines Register12 May 1998
get real and scrap the penny Bergen County Record10 April 1998
ethics and equity Yale Daily News7 April 1998
a penny saved is a waste Hartford Courant7 April 1998

letters and minor or unpublished essays

space exploration USA Today24 July 2006
stem cell funding Philadelphia Inquirer21 July 2006
highway speed Wall Street Journal14 July 2006
organ donation market Wall Street Journal23 May 2006
judicial activism Philadelphia Inquirer27 March 2006
a pocketful of pennies Wall Street Journal21 January 2006
too liberal advice Philadelphia Inquirer10 November 2005
make SUV, not war Best of the Web26 August 2005
no federal aid needed Philadelphia Inquirer19 June 2005
no more gun laws Philadelphia Inquirer18 March 2005
don't ask don't tell Yale Daily News31 January 2005
more than abortion Philadelphia Daily News29 September 2004
assault weapons ban Philadelphia Inquirer15 September 2004
Yale v. DoD Yale Alumni MagazineJan/Feb 2004
Ivy League ROTC Wall Street Journal7 April 2003
International Criminal Court too hot for the Washington Post11 July 2002
cloning too hot for the Wall Street Journal11 July 2002
comment on airport security DoT docket TSA-2002-1160230 May 2002
the Hainan incident Boston Herald10 April 2001
Massachusetts auto insurance Open Letter to Commissioner16 November 2000
military lessons of Kosovo Economist18 December 1999
Yale: your degree in capitalism Yale Herald16 April 1999
Iraqi sanctions Yale Daily News9 April 1999
liberals are liars Yale Daily News24 March 1999
fight the system Yale Herald5 February 1999
hate crime Yale Daily News18 November 1998
fetal protection New York Times29 May 1998
for Yale? Yale Herald10 April 1998
dining service Yale Daily News17 September 1997
hollow point bullets too hot for the NYTimes
more on dining service too hot for the YDN

academic work

Diploid Genetic Algorithm 1993
A description of my diploid genetic algorithm, including performance samples and comparative analysis with the traditional “haploid” algorithm.

How to Fix the Economy Spring, 1994
Simple steps that could be taken to stabilize and improve the U.S. economy, with supporting macroeconomic theory and reasoning.

Simulated Annealing for Traveling Salesman Problem Spring, 1997
Implementation of Simulated Annealing to solve the Traveling Salesman Problem. Includes some of the theory behind simulated annealing as well as analysis of performance on this problem.

Optimized Visual Interfaces for Combat Pilots Spring, 1998
Fascinating analysis of the human visual perception system as well as ways combat pilot interfaces could be optimized to pump critical data into the limited attention of their users.

Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicles Fall, 1998
Detailed analysis of potential costs and benefits of UCAVs and related technology.

Dynamic Routing of Circuits & Cells Spring, 1999
A dense mathematical analysis of routing algorithms for circuit and ATM networks.

Cómo la Naturaleza Enseña a Solucionar los Problemas Intratables Fall, 1996

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