Philadelphia Inquirer: Posted on Sun, Jun. 19, 2005

No federal aid needed

Re: "Amtrak chief says 'ideologues' urging cuts," June 16:

Amtrak President David Gunn is exactly right to group Amtrak with National Public Radio and the National Endowment for the Arts. None of these should be sponsored by the federal government, using money confiscated from citizens. All three enterprises will draw the support of private companies and individuals if they are truly worthwhile. Examples are national bus and air transport companies, commercial radio, and private non-profit sponsors of the arts. Congress is right to cut off federal funding to all of these areas.

Regarding Amtrak: If its Northeast Corridor is so important to our region's economy (which I believe it is), then either a consortium of Northeast states can take over the service or else profit-seeking private companies can step in to provide it.

David Bookstaber