Philadelphia Daily News: Posted on Wed, Sep. 29, 2004

There's more to America than abortion.

Not that there was any doubt, but thank you for laying your bias on the table by declaring your support for Kerry (editorial, "Bush's War Against Choice").

But all for abortion? Surely there are greater issues at stake in this election. We are facing a world war against Islamic terror. Which candidate do we trust to take the war to the enemy? Which has the resolve to preempt these threats? We are finally pulling out of a recession. Which candidate will keep taxes low and government small to enable the economy to grow as fast as possible? Kerry has plenty of criticism for the administration, but no concrete plans to do anything different but raise taxes and subjugate our security to the corrupt U.N.

True, Kerry is more disposed to stack the courts with activist judges who will ensure that women can kill fetuses right up until the moment their feet clear the birth canal, no matter what the people may elect to do through the legislature. But at what price?

David Bookstaber, Berwyn