While U.N. delegates ready themselves for the latest round of America-bashing, they should consider the consequences of refusing to exempt U.S. Peacekeepers from the International Criminal Court.

After years of atoning for the conscience of a left-leaning administration, do you think I will deploy willy-nilly across the globe to support an America-hating entity like the U.N. knowing that my personal freedom is at the mercy of its political whims?

My allegience is to the U.S. Constitution, not some self-aggrandizing New World Order. I will not subject myself to a political organization in which countries like Syria lead criticism of the United States, and where Sudan is accorded moral superiority over a democracy like Israel. I will resign my commission before that, as will many of my fellow servicemen. Before speaking, the U.N. should ask itself: Who fights its battles?

G. I. Joe
Lieutenant, USAF
Hanscom AFB, MA