Lip Service to Patriotism

I was one of three ROTC cadets to graduate from Yale in 1999. The university pays lip service to patriotism, honor and tradition. But 34 years ago the faculty took an antagonistic position that it officially stands by to this day: Yale does not want to be associated with the training of military officers. This drove ROTC from campus, and today only a handful of stalwart cadets from Yale commute an hour and a half across state every week for military training at another school.

The Ivy League academy sends the clear and disturbing message that our country should shop elsewhere for its military leaders. Our elite universities take pride in the fact that they will not stand in defense of the country that preserves their freedom.

Lt. David Bookstaber, USAF
Hanscom AFB, Mass.

Updated April 7, 2003

Printed in response to "My Ivy League Soldier" on April 2.