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My performance of my own transcription of the Rachmaninov Prelude in c# on Yale's Harkness Memorial Carillon - MP3 [5.5MB].   (November 1998)
Harkness Tower Harkness Tower Harkness Tower Harkness Tower

Pieces written in 1994


This piece begins as a 3-voice fugue. The theme is later played against itself backwards. Several other themes are introduced. One of them, a fourth-species counterpoint, is played against the original theme at the end.


This is a simple contrapuntal prelude for 3 independent voices.


This is a 3-voice fugue. Note that the theme appears at times backwards and also inverted.


This is a more modernistic piece. Well, OK. I'll be honest. I just concatenated two incomplete pieces that sort of work together and threw on a makeshift ending. Listen at your own risk.


I composed this sonatina in 1990. (Pedal effects were lost in the MIDI conversion.)

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