FAA Private Pilot Airmen Knowledge Test Preparation

I developed these pages to prepare myself for the FAA computer exam for my Private Pilot License.* Every question published by the FAA for this test is included here, and is current as of November 1999. The 700+ questions are broken down into the five subject sections listed by the FAA.

My test is designed to provide immediate feedback after each answer. If you get a question wrong, try again until you get (and memorize) the correct answer. This is a surprisingly effective way of learning the material. Note, however, that the FAA has begun scrambling the order of the answers, so you cannot just memorize the position of the correct answer. The script on each page will keep track of your score. However, only the first answer to each question will be recorded. Reloading the page will reset the score.

It will take the browser a few moments to generate each test section after it is downloaded, so be patient. Contact Dave if you find any errors.

  1. Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs)
  2. Principles of Flight
  3. Weather
  4. Navigation
  5. Operations

Complete figures are now available at AA9PW.com! I recommend opening the figures in a separate window to reference as you go through the questions. These folks have a very impressive and comprehensive test site, though you may still find mine more useful for practicing. Once you feel prepared for the test, you may want to visit Kip's Exams4Pilots.

- Dave

*I completed the test in half an hour and missed 1 out of 60 questions. To prepare, I went through all of the questions about three times.